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Create your Teacher Website in a Weekend!

without feeling frustrated and overwhelmed!

Website in a Weekend is...

for teachers who want to build a website that attracts students, clients and a raving audience ready to see what you have to offer!

Don't hire an expensive web designer!

Try Website in a Weekend!

Now only $107 $27!

*Due to the digital nature of this product, there are no refunds.

    • You've wanted a website for some time but you don't know how and where to get started.

    • You wished there was a roadmap to help you get clear on the process of how it all works.

    • You know you need a website but have never felt like you had the time or abilities to create one.

    So... why Website in a Weekend?

    What if you could create a website without feeling overwhelmed and frustrated? Maybe you have no idea where to bring and you need some guidance as to where to get started?

    With Website in a Weekend, I will help you get started and you will learn how to get your beautiful website setup in a matter of days! 

    I am sharing what I know from building many websites for myself and for other clients. I know the power of having a website and how it can build your brand awareness, convert clients and increase your revenue!

    If you are a teacher who wants to build a bigger business, you must have a website to help your business grow. The awesome part is, it doesn't have to be difficult.

    Yes, please!

    What WIAW Students Say:

    "I would recommend this course to anyone seeking to build a website , teachers and anyone else seeking to start a business online."

    Cindy Bennett

    Online ESL Teacher

    "Thank you so much for creating “Website in a Weekend”! It gave me tech tools and the confidence to build my own Wordpress website!"

    Diana Wilder

    Online ESL Teacher

    Howdy! I'm Tim.

    I am an online teacher, coach and content creator in the online teaching industry. 

    I have created dozens of websites through working in schools, with teachers, and for myself.

    Website in a Weekend is all my knowledge wrapped up in a roadmap to get you up and running!

    You CAN do this!

    Grab Website in a Weekend at the lowest price it will ever be.

    By the end of this training, you will have....

    • Figured out the purpose of your website

    • I take you through a short process on getting clear on your website direction and who you want to serve.

    • Setup your domain and hosting site

    • I show you Wordpress & BlueHost hosting but also give you other options.

    • Learned the WordPress dashboard and setup key pages, menus and plugins

    • I use behind the scenes tutorials to help you get these setup.

    • Explore various themes to put on your website

    • I will demo with a sample theme and give you options depending on your type of website.

    • Learned about design elements of your site

    • I take you through the process of choosing colours, creating a logo, and designing parts of your website.

    • Understand keyword research and search engine optimisation

    • We will go through a keyword research tool to help you find keywords related to your website topic.

    What's Inside?

      Day 1:

    • Introduction to websites

    • Setting your purpose & direction

    • Choosing a domain name

    • Domain hosting and setup using WordPress

      Day 2:

    • Learning the WordPress dashboard

    • Choosing a theme

    • Designing & creating your website

    • Creating content & next steps!

    Plus these bonuses to help you!

    Bonus 1: Create in Canva

    A tutorial on using Canva to design elements of your website (logo, banners, blog posts images)

  • Canva Tutorial

  • Logo Design

  • Create other website images

  • Bonus 2: Keyword Research & SEO Optimisation

    A short training on how to look for keywords and implement SEO.

  • Free tool to search for keywords

  • Using the Yoast SEO plugin to optimize your content

  • Tools for improving your SEO

  • Bonus 3: A Walkthrough of my Website

    I take you behind the scenes of my website and how I have it setup.

  • My theme walkthrough

  • A look at my plugins and widgets

  • How I track my analytics

  • Here's the value....

    • The Entire Course - ($59 Value)

      All training videos, PDF downloads & resources.

    • Bonus 1: Create in Canva ($19 Value)

      A tutorial on using Canva to design elements of your website (logo, banners, blog posts images)

    • Bonus 2: Keyword Research & SEO Optimisation ($19 Value)

      A training on how to look for keywords and implement SEO into your website content

    • Bonus 3: A Walkthrough of my Website ($10 Value)

      I take you behind the scenes of my website and how I have it setup.

    Your Questions Answered

    Do I need to be a web designer?

    Absolutely not! In fact, I am not a web designer. The tools I show you and themes you can use are plug and play friendly with tons of customisation options.

    What if I already have a website?

    That's great! You can use your website and parts of the training to develop it even further! Lots of tools and resources included here.

    Do I need to know what my website is about?

    I will help you get clearer on this but, in short, no you do not need to have a clear idea to start. Your website direction will change and evolve. This is a training to get it setup.

    Are you designing my website for me?

    No. I am not designing your site. I am providing some training, resources and empowering you to be your website designer!

    Are there any other charges for creating my website?

    Yes. You will need to pay for your hosting site (around $8/month). You will also need to purchase your domain name. Lastly, some will choose to buy a theme but I will show you free ones to use.

    What will I get when I purchase?

    You will get an email with login to access the product site which will have the videos, pdf downloads and bonuses!

    What platforms are you using in the course?

    I use WordPress so the training and behind the scenes is the WordPress system. I also use BlueHost for hosting (because they are awesome for beginners!) but give you other options.

    Is this only for teachers?

    No! This is a training on how to get your website setup in a weekend - it can apply to any niche or industry.

    Who is this course for?

    • Someone who has a website idea but isn't sure how to get started.

    • Online teachers who want to start their branding journey.

    • Someone who has a website but is lost with WordPress and needs a guide.

    • Anyone who wants to get a website up and running in a short amount of time.

    • Someone who has no skills in web design or creating websites.

    Who is this NOT for?

    • Someone who doesn't want to put in the effort to creating their website and just wants to pay a designer a lot of money to create it for them.

    • An individual who has a fully function website who is looking for advanced strategies to grow their website traffic and functionality (this is a course for beginners with an idea)

    • Someone who believes they will instantly have a website up and running in 2 days and isn't willing to work beyond that.

    I am confident that you will get value from this training and you will feel excited about creating your website for whatever purpose you have in mind.

    Remember that creating a website is a journey, a process and an exciting asset to your brand and business.

    Enjoy the process and I look forward to seeing your progress, results and the website you create!

    All my best,



    [email protected]

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